The world needs more heroes

The world needs more heroes!

Unleash your inner hero

 … and make a difference

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The world needs more heroes

Our mission is to empower individuals to become heroes – both big and small – by doing something kind or helpful for others.

Whether you’re helping a neighbor carry groceries or giving a listening ear to a friend in need, we believe that all acts of kindness make an incredible difference in our world.

At Hero Basics, every purchase helps us thank these everyday heroes and supports charities that help improve lives around the globe. Join us as we recognize the selfless acts of those who strive to make the world a better place!


Ordinary people & pets doing extraordinary things

Heroes do amazing things for us every day – but these acts of courage and kindness often go unacknowledged. Next time you’re grateful for a hero’s help, make sure to express your appreciation! It doesn’t have to be elaborate – even just saying ‘thank-you’ can signify so much. And if you want an extra special touch, show your appreciation with apparel from Hero Basics. You could inspire others in turn by demonstrating how extraordinary human compassion is at its best.


Honor your hero

We believe in showing the world the heroes that surround us every day.

We are dedicated to showcasing the brave, inspirational people in our lives. Join us as we work together to celebrate and honor those special individuals who have made an indelible impact on all of our hearts by connecting with their stories!


Tell everyone about your hero

We all have heroes in our lives – people who inspire, motivate and influence us to be the best versions of ourselves. Every person’s hero is unique and special to them. Through their achievements, selfless acts or courage displayed in times of difficulty, these individuals become an inspiration for others by teaching valuable lessons we can all learn from.

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